Tuesday, October 17, 2017

And the winner is...

A big congratulations goes to our club's two winners in last month's speech contest!

Humorous speech contest winner - Hermacksy Patel

Evaluation contest winner - Sam Demeke

Lastly, thank you to all the judges and audience for making this another round of great contests. Hope to see many faces at our 2018 club contests.  

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

To a new a year!

With the summer wrapped up and behind us, comes the arrival of new beginnings for many of us. For others, it is a continuation of an endeavour we have been chasing. In other words, plenty of new opportunities to take initiative and present oneself in front of others. I would like to personally welcome back members and embrace prospective members with open arms. UM Masters is a decorated club that has thrived for the past 19 years and we are still going strong. As always, we will have various events and opportunities throughout the year to allow everyone affiliated with our club to take one step closer to their goals. 

As a reminder our club will be having our club contest on September 20, 2017. The theme is giving a humorous speech. So get ready for some good chuckles. This is a great way to put your skills to the test while having an enjoyable experience. Also, they say that some friendly competition never hurts! The winner of the club contest will have the chance to go on the area contest and compete with other clubs in our area. So let’s make UM Masters proud and do our best! 


Kapilan Panchendrabose
Vice President of Public Relations

Monday, March 28, 2016

Tall Tales Contest - March 23

UMMasters held it's Tall Tales contest on Wednesday March 23, with  Pouria Jabari facing off with Agnes Andrew.  Both presenters did an excellent job in their presentation, holding the attention of the audience  from beginning to end.  We were greatly entertained by both speakers.   Congratulations to Pouria  for winning the contest.  
Thanks to Area Director, Wayne Stanton  and Michelle Stanton from St. Amant  Toastmaster Club and all our other guests for attending and making the event an enjoyable one.

The winner of this contest will represent  UMMasters at the  Tall Tales Area contest on   April 8, at St Amant

Please note the Club International Contest will be on.
Date:  Wednesday March 30:
Time:  12 noon
Location: Room  204, St. John's College
University of Manitoba.

Blog by June Laronde

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

UM Masters Meeting 18th November 2015 - Activity and Rest

Meeting today November 18, was well attended.  Our Toastmaster was June, who conducted the meeting with a  smooth flow starting and ending on time.  There was good participation by members who took the stage with confidence and skill.  There were two guests in attendance, Laureen and Adam. 
Congratulations to Vinicius who did his Ice Breaker speech Title: Driving your Life.  Vinicious gave a vivid picture of his journey from age 15 to present, decisions made and lessons learnt that has brought him where he is today.  An excellent presentation.  Another thought provoking Table Topics session was given by Pouria where participants were given the opportunity to answer a choice question 1,2 or 3.  Congratulations to our guest Adam who did not hesitate to accept the challege of a table topics question and to Sulaiman who told of how his father became his role model. 
Excellent Evaluations by both Mohsin and Matt, each using the sandwich method, and giving  specific grow points.  Ahn as General Evaluator presented the Gold Star to Vinicious.

Meeting Theme was  Activity and Rest  with the Word of the day being Exasperation  by Solomon. 
All in All  another excellent UM Masters meeting. 

Blog by June LaRonde

Thursday, September 10, 2015

UM Masters Meeting 9th September 2015 - Reconciliation

The meeting on Sep 9, 2015 had one guest from another toastmaster club. It was the first time, Daniel had the role of toastmaster and he did well on leading the meeting. Mouna , the treasurer also joined and participated in the table topic held by Pouria. The word of the day, narcissistic, and the theme reconciliation were used by members in different creative ways in their introduction. Sulaiman in first time attendance as a member served as table topic evaluator. The new members, Danial and Sulaiman have showed excellent participation with taking different roles in a short time. The speaker of the day canceled with short notice and Agnes filled the task by delivering a comic impromptu speech. Charith and Colin were, respectively the timer and grammarian and presented their final report elaborately. The next annual period of toastmaster is close and members were informed about the requirement for the membership renewal. The session was a great success and everyone could gain something new from the meeting.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

UM Masters Meeting 26th August 2015 - Cyber Security

The meeting on August 26, 2015 started on time with the order by Agnes. Colin served as the toastmaster and chose “making balance” for the theme of the meeting. Nicole as grammarian presented the “Quagmire” for the word of the day and most members used the theme and the word in their introduction. One of the great things about the meeting was that three guest attended the meeting and state interest to join the club.  There were two speeches by June and Agnes; they did a great job and showed well prepared on delivering their talk; Daniel and Charith provided the feedback and growth points. At the end reports were presented and Pouria as general evaluator gave the gold star to Daniel who as a new member has performed in different roles in a short time. In announcement, June informed the club about the change in the place for the next meeting. Meeting was ordered to close by Agnus. Overall it was another success for learning, sharing and practicing communication and leadership skills in toastmaster club of U of Manitoba.

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UM Masters Meeting 5th August 2015 - Cyber Security

This week, I was a guest at this Toastmaster's club, having attended meetings at the Grace club on Henderson previously.  Colin was our Toastmaster for the day, and he gave us the theme of cyber security, certainly an important topic.

Charith brought us "Clunky" as our word of the day, and he was our speaker for the meeting, he presented a very informative presentation on what can be known about UFOs.  While I am extremely familiar with this topic, I thought it was accessible and entertaining, but didn't really surprise me.

Our table topics session was led by Agnes, who also provided our joke today.  We practiced impromptu speaking, with a clever dice game to select our topics.  I enjoyed participating, and my take on it was that everyone else did as well.

I must say that this was a great introduction to this particular Toastmaster's club, and I plan to continue coming.  All of the evaluators, especially June, the general evaluator, gave meaningful and useful advice.  Thanks to all!

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